Our Mission

The team at Microtronics Photomask has unique skills and is singly focused on providing the finest photomasks quickly and at a reasonable cost to our customers.


Our dedication to quality, on-time delivery, and customer service is second to none.  For the personal service you deserve, contact Microtronics Photomask at APPLIED IMAGE for all your photomask needs.

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Master Photomasks

You’re the master

Reduction Reticles

Scale-up, step & repeat

Copy Masks

Economical copies

Other Services

Component calibration, measurement, dicing, edging and more!

Custom Solutions

The combined forces of Microtronics Photomask and APPLIED IMAGE represent over 40 years of imaging and operational excellence, serving the specialized requirements of our customers every day.  With over 75% of our business made up of custom products and solutions, we have the time-tested experience and understanding of the requirements necessary to build photomasks of all shapes and sizes. If you have questions about setting up a design to work for you, we can help you through the process.

We leverage our capabilities and experience to help realize your specific design requirements and turn around certain rapid prototype projects as fast as one day!  Our experienced sales engineers will assist you with design specifications, choosing the specific materials to be used, and finding the most cost-effective method to produce your mask.

We have over 40 years of precision imaging experience, allowing us to meet the most stringent product requirements, one customer at a time.